Student Surveys

We conducted a pre-survey and post-survey with students across six CSU campuses, exploring their attitudes towards history and their experience taking a history course. The survey derived from an earlier survey at Cal State LA developed by Christopher Endy, Carole Srole, and Birte Pfleger. We refined the questions and survey response options with the assistance of Dr. Erika Kato at the Center for Evaluation and Educational Effectiveness at CSU Long Beach and Dr. Mark Smith at the Stanford History Education Group. We also drew on the expertise of colleagues to analyze the data from the survey. We grouped questions from the survey together into clusters to see if students demonstrated an “expert shift” over the course of the semester in terms of historical thinking and civic engagement. Cognitive psychologist Dr. Ji Y. Son developed a stepwise multiple regression methodology to analyze the results. The full methodology provides the details of the initial analyses of predictor variables, as well as the full regression model.  

CRT AI Pre-survey

CRT Post-survey

Expert Shift Questions Coding

Focus Group Interview Protocol

Explanation of Stepwise Multiple Regression Methodology and Results