Call for Submissions: Teaching American History in Alternative Spaces

Teaching American History in Alternative Spaces
Call for Submissions
Journal of American History, Textbooks and Teaching section


            The essays in the “Textbooks and Teaching” section of the Journal of American History have traditionally explored a wide variety of pedagogical matters related to teaching located within colleges and universities. In contrast, for its March 2023 section, the contributing editors invite submissions that provide narratives of, and/or explore foundational pedagogical issues related to, teaching American history in alternative spaces.

            We have no boundaries to what we might consider as “alternative spaces.” Such locations could well include prisons, social movements, civic associations, or various realms of the internet. Essays could be analytical studies of such teaching, and/or ethnographic narratives, and/or first-person reflections. Authors/co-authors do not need to be professional historians. Among the key questions we invite authors to consider are:

  • How does such teaching differ from traditional teaching?
  • What distinctive purposes and methods might such teaching have?
  • In what ways does such teaching contribute to democracy (the subject of the 2022 Textbook and Teaching section)?

We strongly encourage prospective authors to consult with us on possible topics. Essays should not exceed 4,000 words. Deadline for an initial draft is July 1, 2022, with editorial work happening between then and November 1, 2022. Please send questions and contributions to Laura Westhoff at and Robert Johnston at

Posted: March 3, 2022
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